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((BD: the fire wouldn't simply slide off the shield it would melt it...))

*The Drake pushes off the the shuttle, the kinetic blasts doing it no harm. The shuttle explodes shortly aftwards. The Drake sends a parting fire ball at the tumbling warrior before heading after it's comrades.

The other three drakes ocntinue to pursuee the their prey. Two send fire into the trees creating an inferno while the third sends fire at the sled destroying it and the shield generator. (And most likely wounding the guards).

The Drakes circle the burning forest ready to go in for the kill when three more drakes join the fray. These new drakes had their wings folded back and came diving downwards extermly fast. They open their mouths and launch balls of fire, not at the forest but at the evil drakes.

The new drakes take the evil ones surprise and knock one to the ground, the other three manage to evade the fire balls, and broke off their hunt to attack the newcomers. The fight was a scene of slashing claws, bites and the occasional ball fo fire.

Then there was a deafening roar that reverberating across the land (group would hear this). At the roar the three evil drakes fighting the newcomers suddenly broke off and flew south. The fourth one seemed to weakly stand and took flight also going south. The new drakes landed in a triangle at the edge of the forest. The drake that the apex of the triangle spoke in a deep voice in a alien language.

The inferno that was consuming the forest and soon the warriors and the women Spun upwards into the atmostsphere and then into space. A Tree was left burning to provide them with enough warmth so they wouldn't freeze to death. (Remember that with out protection you will freeze to death in under an hour).

On a hill taking all of this in was Ragnar and two other Beserks. Behind them was a transport*

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