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Originally posted by Prime
But this can be a double edged sword. Modding tools are nice, but they can lead to many comflicting mods and version hell. They can destroy a community as much as help it.

True, but take a look at the posts. The PS2 and X box users seem to be satisfied while most of the PC users are quite unhappy with this game. The pc community for SWBF is nowhere as strong as communities for games such as BF42, Half Life, UT, Jedi Academy, etc. In my opinion (and it is just MY opinion so don't bother flaming me if you all don't agree with it), chances are the pc version of the battlefront community probably won't survive nearly as long as the others without these modding tools. If it wasn't for news of an upcoming patch a lot of players (including myself) would have moved on to other more exciting and much better built online multiplayer games for the PC.
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