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How about an in-game console?

Basically (I'm speaking of the pc game here) we need a way to tweak the cameras, specifically the third person cameras for the vehicles. Most of them don't show you enough of the terrain or the back of the vehicle, making movement and aiming difficult. For example the Speeder bike on Endor. It's bad enough that your vision is obscured so you can't see more than 4 feet in front of you at best and you ram into a tree and die, etc.

See a game like Jedi Academy for a better third person camera for vehicles (AT-ST, Swoop bikes, starfighters).

The starships aren't too bad, though they are pretty fragile (as if the shields are inoperative). I guess they did that so that the anti-aircraft blasters could take them out easier.

My main complaints with the game other than the bad third person cameras is the AI in general. It's bad. Your squad often ignores your orders, they shoot you in the back, they firing at walls (trying to hit enemies behind the walls) or just stand around in the open, even when enemies are nearby, with their backs to them.

Jedi will stand with their back facing you and block shots behind their backs (Mace Windu doesn't even block, the shots just bounce off his body most of the time). They will ignore you once you enter a vehicle. They don't listen to orders either. Not that Vader should be taking orders from a Stormtrooper, but what good is a unit if it doesn't do what you want it to? They just wander around and fight an occasional person only if they feel like it.

There need to be more orders, look at games like Quake3 or UT, there's tons of stuff you could have the bots do, but instead you just get basic stuff and they don't even do it most of the time. Bots giving other bots isn't something beyond technology either.. it's been done in many other games.

I played through the game on Medium, and I was very disappointed in the AI of the bots. They were mostly counterproductive, forcing me to do all the work. And we'd lose because the enemy simply has more cannon fodder than you do.

It would also be nice if there was a pop-up text message when you pickup something (like +10 health from Bacta or +5 grenades). Something like that would be a nice helpful touch. And the "full map" could that be up a little higher on the screen so you can still see your character, or does it have to be centered? If you toggle on the scoreboard, it stops you from moving. In other games you can still move while looking at the scores. I wish you could here too...

And one minor nitpick... it looks like they gave the Darktrooper E-11 blaster rifles instead of the "Cannon" they are supposed to have. Did they not have time to make one more weapon model? We have Dark Trooper weapons seen prominently in games like Rebellion and Dark Forces.

I had a couple of other minor problems with the game like the scroll bars (they don't act like normal scroll bars, you click on them and they jump around. there's no real "button" to click and drag or at least an "arrow" at the bottom or top of the page to move around). My Microsoft Intellimouse Optical wouldn't let me properly remap my mouse buttons, and it didn't recognize buttons 3, 4 & 5.

Finally, when trying to setup an Internet game I am only given the option to have 8 (or rather 7, but I assume that means besides the host.. ie: me) players, and 32 bots. How are people hosting 32 player or 16 player games? LAN lets me host 50 players, but I'm not on a LAN so little good that does me...

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