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((Admiral, Dragon scales. Had you partaken in the Mrear RPGs you would have seen Drago use this shield to block magical fire from a god. Also the Kinetic energy blast is like being hit with a club the size of a house, so it should have had at least knocked the Drake a bit.))

*The two House Gaurds with the woman are unharmed, the other two lie dead, prostrate over the cargo sled, shielding the contents.*

*The gaurds where thick tunics and furlined cloaks, under their uniforms they wear microfibre body suits, as they stand they rap thermal scarves around their heads. The Woman does not seem to be effected by the cold.*

*The warrior lands lightly on one knee and stands, he walks over to the remains of the sled and drags out a box roughly 3 1/4 feet square and a foot deep. The box had been shielded by the rest of the sled and was only scorched.*

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