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Re: Get over it

Originally posted by Mr. Fragster
I'm as big a PC fan as any of you guys...guess what? The PC version of swbf isn't any good so get over it. Play it on PS2 like most pc gamers are doing anyways. It's more fun. Play CS on your PC, SWBF is for consoles, and it's pretty damn obvious.

The day is rapidly appraoching...Pc online gaming is getting less and less attractive as more advanced consoles come out and better games are released for them online. My computer is one hell of a machine, runs FPS games perfectly (I bought it for the sole purpose of gaming) and I havnt used it since I bought the ps2 version of SWBF. Laying on your couch with a controller and your feet up beats the hell out of pc gaming any day.
Hi. Do you actually think before posting or just close your eyes and mash some buttons? Aside from the fact that as evidenced here and the lucasarts forums a great number of PC players are NOT playing the game on a console, your suggestion of "play it on the ps2" is utterly ridiculous. Under your logic, I am to go out and purchase a $200 console just so I can play title that should be play correctly (and arguably with more depth) on the PC?
As for your preference of "sitting on the couch with a controller and your feet up" over playing a game on the PC ... well we all have our vices and dillemmas to overcome. Keyboard + Mouse is a difficult skill to master, to be sure.

PC Online gaming getting less and less attractive? Did you come up with this information through statistics researched and created on your "hell of a machine" or is this further padding of your fantasy? Lots of machines run FPS games perfectly, however you're not commenting on performance much are you?
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