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Originally posted by hatelull
The developers have to release the modding tools, or it's all just a pipe dream. Furthemore, there has to be serious groups willing to put in the time to get those projects up and off the ground. I dread the 20 million "HEY GUYZ I'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA FOR A BATTLEFRONT MOD. IT HAS TO DO WITH STORMTROOPERS AS PIRATES AND THE REBELS AS NINJAS. WE'LL PROBABLY DO SOMETHING COOL WITH VEHICLES AND HAVE CHINESE STARS AS A WEAPON TYPE!!!! NE1 INTERESTED SHOULD EMAIL ME. IF YOU HAVE CODING SKILLS THAT'S A PLUS BUT GRAPHIC ARTISTS AND PEOPLE THAT WANT TO GIVE INPUT LET ME KNOW!!!"
posts that are bound to happen if and when the tools or source is released.
Not to worry. A good protion of Star Wars fans are perfectionists when it comes to stuff like this. I am willing to be that not only will we see maps and mods for this game done right, but maps and mods that will signifigantly improve the game to a point that the original battlefront never even aspired to be. So have faith!
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