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*Talon repels backward, and flips in the air, and slows to a stop, now hovering midair.

The swords rush at him, and he points his sword at the incoming 'ghostly' swords. A small bolt of blue energy flys from his sword at the first of K'Warra's 'ghostly' swords. Upon contact a large blue explosion engulfs the first several swords, while the remaining fly through the blast.*

Talon "Of course not..."

*Talon squeezes at the air with his 'claw', a sphere of energy begins to glow, and he thrusts it forward, and multiple arcs of powerful lightning tear through the sky at the swords and K'Warra.*

((note this is very simular like normal lightning, but when he channels it through him its amplified quite a bit
(incase anyone raises eyebrows)
IE: lightning is his demonic element, wherebouts Davin's is fire, so respectfully Davin would have is own types of attack, but in intestity wouldnt be as strong (talon's a much older demon)))

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