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((Drakes are not Dragons BD, and the fire they breath has the Futhark in it so shield would still be damaged. And Getting hit by a house doesn't phase them. Keep in mind 5 destroyed the entire Aesirian Defensive fleet. They were hit by items far more powerful))

*The Lead Drake turns to Ragnar and speaks in the forgien tongue. Ragnar answers in the same tongue. THe Drakes extend their wings and lift themselves into the air and fly North.

Ragnar and the other two Beserks approach the woman and her escrots*

Ragnar: You are trespassing on these lands, as such I have every right to kill you where you stand. Now Identify yourselves.

((There is going to be a slight time descrepancy between this scene and the group. Once this scene is over the time descrepancy will be over. Reason: I want to keep the main story going and well people saying, My character marches is boring so...))

*The group march through the blizzard with white outs common. After a number of hours the blizzard finally let up and snow began to fall gently again revealing Castle Ida sitting upon a cliff. Details couldn't really be made out yet. They continued on pausing only breifly for lunch. By night fall the castle loomed over them.*

Heimdall: Raschel, Orthos you have the first watch. Wake me in two hours. We assualt the castle six hours from now.

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