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Angry Jedis and siths are blind to the force!

woops sorry it hase come to my attension (i own the game) that jedis and siths are blind tot he force! they dont use any in battel! not even force jump! I want darth to pick up rebels whit force grip and trow them to the side, that kind of stuff! force push yuo know some kind of force use from them!! this is realy lowering my fun i get out of this game! darth and luke can run past each other whit outstoping in the look for enimes (i have seen it happen manytimes) cant the fight a bit the run from each others agin? i would love to see them jump arund and fight whit the lightsabers and useing force push on each other from time to time! any other how feels this way?? ther

you call your self a jedi you stopid sh**? how abut yuo drop that light saber and try to kill me whit the force! oo you dont have any force powers? to bad *sound of my blaster* and stay there!!

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