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Wink Looking for clan

Name on Site:RebelScum1

Name on Game:RebelScum!

Platform: pc

Positionsark Trooper, Super Battle Droid, Rebel Soldier, Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper, Shock Trooper or Arc Trooper

Dislikes: Rebels (not good with them anyhow), Snipers (i like them its just i can't be one

Likes: Groups of people, Empire And both Jetpack Troopers

I hope im good enough to be in a clan contact me in game (if you can find me) or pm on the forums.

p.s. If the clan requires AIM or E-mail...DOn't have aim yet and E-mail server is busted

Join the BBF

SWbattlefront name:RebelScum!
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