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The hoth map is all I've edited for now. Here are some pics.

Added a Snow Speeder to the Imperial Spawn point replacing an At-St spawn. Immediatly an AI trooper unit and I jumped in and went rebel slaying. (not much use for a tow cable on a generator, lol) Be sure to look in the back seat, yes thats an imperial trooper in a good guy mobile! By default imperial users will not enter a speeder. Also note the other 2 dish/turrets have been removed.

Here I added a Spawn point for At-St for the rebels side. Just outside the cave, this pops up where I removed a Taun-Taun. The insides of the cave have been removed. Sorry rebels! Its a far shot but its shows an empty cave and the at-st just popped.

Here is another pic of the "Imperial Speeder" targeting the generator. ALL turrets and trenches have been removed to protect the innocent.

This pic shows a snowspeeder flying into a cave, this cave normally has a command post and cave entrance building. I flew through this into the main bridge/mil-falcon area , it was a blast...which moves the next pic which shows flying under the map and coming up wherever you want and not dying. Also funny was everytime I popped up through the snow above ,it displayed a guru killed darth vador message? jedis' dont like surprises , lol.

Fly by caving

Fly around under the Map

Hotspot on maps! (check common.lvl and hoth.lvl there are references to hotspots)

Removed All vehicles, removed most buildings , except generator and in this case I noticed that the maps used a hotspot (a place where most of the action is happening, it sent the jedi and most of the players to the trench , which was gone, so everyone fell to there deaths and the game ended in about 1.5 minutes. ((this is to confirm why jedi and most Ai units always run to the same area, it appears more death/killing attracts units to those areas. While on other maps such as the spire it appears the jedi are programmed to simply run to a pre programmed area. ie. spire for for evil,crashed ship base for good.))[/IMG][/IMG]

You can edit vehicles as far as spawn points (moving vehicles that are supposed to be on the map from one place to another ) but the other crucial files do a check to see amounts of vehicles and type so in turn adding say 5 at-ats isnt going to happen until I find where else these are referenced, it appears mission.lvl , common.lvl and each map level reference each other at map load up. core.lvl appears to have more info for the xbox release than pc so I avoided it like the plaque.

Im using Hex to edit Hoth.lvl to achieve the above results nothing as of yet has crashed the game but in alot of cases everything except AI units/the generator and a few com devices are removed. Be sure to back up your files before editing them and to speed things up , dont close battlefront and restart after making mods, simply start bf, then minimize it at the single player/mulitplayer screen. Go to hexeditor and make your updates, save them and go back to the bf game, then load up your maps, do this over and over, the whole game doesnt need to load to see your changes only the map.lvl in this case hoth.lvl.

In hex you can see com_ , imp_ ,prop_ and bldg_ these are all editable, Ive replaced simply by copy pasting in hex :

com_ (meaning anything that interacts with a player in the way of health, ammo,and ownage of command post)

bldg_ (meaning anything the player enters NON vehicle) Turrets etc.. cave entances , exit , the bunkers and generators are all bldg_

Prop is anything like rocks, dirt, light structures, overhanging pipes etc.. none of these interact with the player unit, you simply view /experience them.

imp_ or hoth_ items are referencing the imp file & hoth_ file , where in most cases you can copy paste and get nice results,try swapping an at-st for a taun taun, etc... this is all dont easily in hoth.lvl using a hex editor (be sure to go into hex edit mode).

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