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I think you saw the post during an update :)

The Hoth editing continues, Ive been most successful in making these mods:

health health packs give 100% health vs. the usual 25%
(for modders : going into common.lvl has many of these at the end of the file)

making swaps between vehicles and spawn points and factions
(for modders : going into hoth.lvl and replacing names exactly as they appear for instance imp_walk_atat, imp_walk_atst_snow , all_walk_tauntaun , all _fly_snow_speeder = copy and paste these in any fashion to se what happens.. The at ats are the most tricky as others files reference them as a command post. (hehe get editing that common.lvl)

moving items such as health regen items and turrets
(for modders : going into hoth.lvl has many of these are int he file, look for PROP and BLDG_ and COM_ remember that com is the health/ammo/veh. health items copy and paste a bldg_Turret (which is a bldg over a com and enjoy the change)

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