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Unhappy Problem - No Player Select Screen

Hi everyone!

I purchased SWB yesterday. The installation was flawless. So was the patch application. All test results were perfect, including DirectX (9.0c). I have a Pentium IV, 1.4, 512 RAMBUS, nVidia GeForce FX 5200 - latest drives - 128MB - 30GB free of HD - well - everything!

But, when I click "Play SWB", after ALL the ads, it appears a screen with the revolving planets, with the word BACK on the lower left corner, and THAT'S IT! I cannot do anything! I move the mouse ok, but I can't click on the BACK button! It looks like a screensaver!

The "select player" screen never appeared! I tried reinstalling it 3 times!

What's going on? Is it a problem with the software? Why? please contact me! thank you!
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