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Editing Hoth (quicky guide)

Quick Hoth Mod quide

NOTE: backup all your files before editing them. Me nor this site is responsible for issues related to editing. (and reinstall is a $%^&)

IN this example it shows a total noob how to make a vehilce from the imperial side (_snow speeder) appear and be usable in the place of a worthless Taun Taun which spawns in several places on the map. It in no ways is a complete mod or playable masterpiece this shows how to move things...the rest is up to you! may the force be with you...

1.Download and install a hex editor , in this case im using UltraEdit 32 (check google ,the app is free for 45 days)

2. Open utraedit and tell it yes allow all general files to be associated with it. (or set up the app how you like) not too important for game editing.

3. Goto File, Open and find the C:\program files\lucasarts\star wars battelfront\gamedata\data\_lvl_pc\ and in this case HOT is the directory you want. so open HOT directory and click on hot1.lvl(the only file in there)

4. Your hex will fill up with jargon, thats good, now in the search box type in whatver you want to edit, in this example we are editing a snow speeder to appear where one of the taun taun spawns. So type in speeder, you will be taken to a line that says "all_fly_snow_speeder, COPY just that chunk as typed above , dont include periods or anything else.

5. Now go back to search and type taun, you will be taken to all_walk_tauntaun, PASTE exactly over all_walk_tauntaun with all_fly_snow_speeder.

6. Hit save, (knowing you have a backup hoth.lvl file) and open battlefront and enjoy your new imperial speeder.

Note also isnt modding anything else so many buildings, a few of the usual map items are removed. Trenches will remain in most cases but more than 50% of the buildings are gone as well as some turrets.

This is just an example. Happy modding!

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 Mod Site. =-

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