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Raschel: *to Aidan* Thanks, but no thanks. I'll take my own responsibilities. Besides, I can practically feel my 'second wind' coming already...

Besides, it's not as if I have anything to offer in a fight, do I? It won't matter how tired I brain and my piloting reflexes are useless here, in this world, in this world where a Jedi can die without having a chance to draw her lightsaber.

Aidan: Alright. Just offering.

*Opting to dig another hole, unlike the others, he wanders off a short distance to start. Raschel sits, and Orthos sits next to her*

Raschel: Who would have predicted any of this? What we did in the Wraiths...everything we accomplished in our old all seems pointless now. All our life works, wiped away in one fell swoop.

*She looks at Orthos*

Raschel: What if we hadn't won the Galactic Civil War? What if we had failed to build the New Republic? What if we had both died as Wraiths, killed by Vader, your father, or the Emperor? Would any of this be any different? Would the only change be that someone else would be sitting here in this bloody snow, watching shadows in the dark?

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