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What we really need is something pictoral, akin to Trail's Guide (JK/MotS), Outcast Strategy/Strategic Academy (JK2/JA)...

Ultimately this would be a hosted site, rather than just some links to text files on Gamefaqs (no offense, GF is a great resource, but we need something on the home turf you see).

I could contribute some things, but as of now I am not so hot on playing the game until its more stable with the patches, plus my freetime is somewhat limited, but if you have questions about the PC version I am willing to help how I can.

As to scanning the Primo Strategy Guide and putting it on the 'net, I don't think that the makers of the Guides would be too happy about that, and you might get into legal trouble...

Besides, the printed strategy guides can't be updated, they cost money and they are often incomplete (based on pre-release versions of the game, not taking patches into account, focus on the console versions, etc.). An online guide with pictures and downloadable content is just far more flexible.

If you are willing to do some work with a website that we can host, please send your "resume" and plan, etc. and possibly a sample to the Staff at SWBATTLEFRONT.NET and we can get this underway. If you can't contact them, email me your info and I'll pass it along.

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