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((Well the shield is useless now anyway. ))

Drago: These two are Legionary Gaurdsmen. *Gestures to the two soldiers, accepting a standard shield from one, as well as two halves of a longbow and a retracted vibrolance.* As to our being here, I simply follow orders, My Lady has the purpose.

*The lady drops her hood, she has clear, floorless skin, delicate features and large green eyes flecked with green and gold. Her hair falls to her waist and is worked in an elaborate braid, it is light brown, streaked with dark blond and golden threads have been woven into it. She is young, no older than 25 and quite simply one of the most beutiful women in existence.*

Lady: I am Lady Allessa Relinion and my betrothed is on this planet.


*Hal sits on the snow and enters a regenerative trance.

((BAMM! BD wins the prize for the least expected plot twist. ))

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