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Talon "Like I said, I'm a different calibur then the one's you're 'used' to..."

*Talon's arm shrinks and changes back to its 'oringal' form. He takes his sword into his right hand, then it pulsates, the runes that were on the sword return like before in the Jail, this time more brighter and vibrant. The aura which consumbed it now seemed to absorb the very light around it til it eventually found itself around Talon once again...*

Talon *with a serious face* "How about I start not playing with you now?"

*Talon suddenly dissappears, then a sudden strange cold feeling in K'warra's torso. The ghostly swords suddenly burst and dissipate.

Talon on the otherhand who seem to have reappeared behind K'Warra in the position of which he finishing a swing of his sword, he exhales while his sword seems to 'cool off'*


((okay here goes...))


*Just as the first members walk into the jail. Vertmor senses the intrusion, and turns to a prisoner, and grins.*

Prisoner "Hey help me, get me out of this cell! I'll do anythign you want!!"

Vertmor "Anything?"

*Vertmor unsheathes his sword, and slashes at the cell's lock. It easily breaks. The prisoner runs out to thank vertmor, but Vertmor only reposites with him hacking at the former prisoner's arm. Vertmor picks up the 'hacked' limp and places it on where he'd been missing his appendage.

The arm transforms and attaches itself like if was always his arm. With a wiked smile he runs out the door towards the enterence were he turns into his warewolf form..*

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