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Ragnar: That Allessa is a poor reason to wantonly tresspass on these lands. At the very least you should have tried to contract the Lord of this world and ask permision to enter it.

*Ragnar says a word in the tongue he spoke to the Drake with. Ten Beserks stand, from their cover. These beserkes wore white armor and carried rifles of a strange design. They turn as one and march towards the transport.

Ragnar looks at Allessa, and her companions one last time*

You should have headed the automatic warning. It is very likely you will perish on this world.

*Ragnar and the two Beserks that flanked him turn and head back to the transport where the other Berserks were already getting in. The fire had fully consumed the tree by now and died out, a cold wind brings in dark clouds foreshadowing a violent storm was on its way.*

((Keeping the action going))

*A half an hour before Raschel and Orthos's watch was over the moon was full giving off plenty of light. A drake swoops in on the group coming at them in a tight spiral. The swishing of the Drakes wings wakes Heimdall immediatly. He stands and looks at the drake and does nothing else.*

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