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Not yet, Ive learned that the files load only ones pertaining to the map your playing , so if the map doesnt include any units or vehicles that your trying to load it will crash on load and send you to the desktop.

But in most cases if you copy and paste things are seen in the file like in hoth.lvl , imp_ and all_ are used from the Side Directory to depict vehicles and spawn units. If you sawp anything from all_ and imp_ it will work, but adding something that the loading of the map never calls like another map vehicle will simply send you crashing.

If you check the bottom of the cis_ file , ive noticed that it details the actual drawing and graphics used to make each portion of the spider walkers in Geo Spire map, lower down youll see where you can actually move parts of the spider around and make more turrets, less legs, put an arm where a leg should be etc... my first few changes on this have gone ok but again everything on the entire map was removed expcept command posts and ALL AI units.

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