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In altering the mission.lvl I noticed that everything that is allowable on a map is listed by faction(a.k.a. SIDE) , open mission.lvl and search for hoth, then youll see just below it :
SIDE\all.lvl  all_fly_snowspeeder  all_inf_basicsnow  all_inf_lukeskywalkersnow  all_inf_smugglersnow  all_walk_tauntaun
SIDE\imp.lvl  imp_inf_basicsnow  imp_inf_dark_troopersnow  imp_inf_darthvader  imp_walk_atat  imp_walk_atst_snow  imp_droid_probe

This shows EXACTLY what is allowed on the hoth map, all other maps are listed in this mission.lvl file just like this but listing the other vehilces / units that pertain to the map/zone.

Hope this helps you in regards to pulling vehics from other maps, its only going to happen through the mission.lvl file.

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