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The AT-AT Team (...)

took in hoth the second AT-AT, speeder came up to take the first one and blasted it with 1 shot. Afterwards we just sticked together taking down lots of speeders. Until we noticed infantry was helping us (rockets) so we just fired simultaneously at spawns. We stopped at the first one to the right, blasted everything and when everyone gave up hope of defending it infantry rushed in and we moved forward. It went all the way like that but it's the only game i played in where the AT-ATs actually did a good job. Mostly they just let speeders get them crashed, will move backwards etc.

Second great moment is where i got 20-2 with the droid pilot. I killed jet trooper after trooper with the pistol or the radiation launcher. Everyone saying the pilot cant win from a jettrooper should practice it a bit more

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