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---- UPDATE ----
Ok kids I ran the server from Saturday to Sunday 7:12pm PST and these are the things that I noticed....

1. Drop in players on the server roughly by 60%
2. Jumpiness of the game.
3. Issue with getting into the vehicles.
4. Large amounts of complaints from the regular users on the server.

So this is my conclusion:
Until they can fix the issues with vehicles, and the game itself being jumpy in the display.. I will not setup my server passed the set default. I also will recomend that other admins do not mod the tps of thier server due to my expeiecnce. This is the second time I have done this and the results are the same.

I would like a patch to fix these issues due to I would like to run a higher fps but if the server is going to be buggy then there is no point.

Also due to this little test the php version of the stats will not be released this week. Due to the lack of intrest in the server I could not get enough people on at one time to get the system stable. I should be working on it the rest of this week and next weekend so hopefully by the following week I should have a release.

Sorry guys.

This will only be up for the weekend. I am only testing right now.

I had it set to 70 and I played 4 games and the dam thing was jumpy as all hell.

Set at 60 now.

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