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Originally posted by treemonster
not actually a bug or an exploit. maybe not very honourable or balanced but...
It doesn't seem like an exploit to me. I mean why should one weapons system overheat a totally seperate system?

If you had a second person in it you'd be firing double firepower at the same time anyway (rather than alternating fire, which you could do as well if you wanted to).

In " real life" it would just be like a soldier dodging from one set of controls to another (easy to do in an AT-ST, harder to do in an AT-TE).

As to how to switch, on the PC just roll the mouse wheel up or down to switch positions.

Droidekas are very easy to kill, just nail them while they are rolling or with shields down (vehicle guns or rockets work great) or just nail them with explosives or vehicle guns and one shot will take out their shields, second one blows them to bits. I suppose they would be hard to kill if you were just a lone infantry man with a blaster, but still. The only other place I engage them as in choke points (where multiples can be annoying). Just drop a grenade or two in front of them and run for cover. One for shield, one after the shield is down.

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