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Modding the prepriatary SWBF engine!

In reply:Servers will require the edited file or the client will crash on load.

Very nice work Subsonic, getting the xwing is a great jump from being vehicle limited by faction/map, im assuming you adjusted the mission.lvl to make this happen.

If I make the maps bigger and change the floor textures , you could add trees and other Props_ & Bldg_ tiles and we could get a pre editor map going for users. Maybe a while to get other skybox added since Ive discovered the images are in binary in the actual files themselves, the editor used to make swb is very unique in the way that binary images are hard coded into the editor/game engine, there wont be any dir/folder uncompressing like in bf42 & bfv. If you check the hex in mission.lvl and common.lvl underneath the actual calls to variables on units and players and such there are actual binary images hard coded in...(tells me that swb will be releasing some PAY addons in the near future

As far as non lucasarts editors im on it! And dont worry ALL, there will be NO JEDI PLAYERS ON OUR RELEASES! lol, I messed around with jedi toys and quickly stopped when I realized I was creating a star wars battlefront downfall bomb.

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