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Thumbs up Give them some credit

Look, I am not saying accept the state of the game, just give them credit for putting their efforts since the games release.
Two patches (albeit small) in two weeks. Word has it theres a big patch in the works.
We can hammer on all the bad details, but everytime I fire up the game I realize that this is going to be one hell of a game once it's all patched up right and stable.

The fact that guys here in Editing forum are already editing the .lvl files and changing attributes by putting alternate ships and player types on different maps, this is looking very encouraging.

My key suggestions to LA and Pandemic.
Make public announcements to PC and Console game sites(Spin, PR, anything).
Treat the Consoles and PC versions as two seperate entities. Combined news can muddy the waters. We need to know your active and things are being addressed platform specific.
Create or Update a FAQ regarding editing or tools.

Thanks, Now get to work


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