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Originally posted by Shadey
Using nades to blow Count dooku off a walkway on bespin >. BTW you can't really kill the jedi but they do die when their teams reinforcment count gets down to 20.

edit: sorry meant to say cant kill em by shooting directly, but you can blow em off the map or run em down in vehciles. I got a screenie I will put up as soon as I get my computer running cause this one doesnt have photoshop.

Opening up for the first time with the destroyer droids blasters, and the xwings lasers.

Flying through a walker's legs with a speeder (got a screenshot)
Interesting. That explains Mace Windu's sudden "heart attack."

Maybe they should script it so that the Jedi falls on his saber or commits sepuku rather than just falling over dead for no reason when that happens? ; )

As to flying through the AT-AT (I assume that's what walker you meant) legs, that's amazing! The first time I tried that I blew up. : (

And people have been talking as if you can trample people with walkers, but I have yet to see this happen. I know you can run people over with speeders and Wheel droids. But walkers? Which ones?

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