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Originally posted by ramy
I have a couple questions about the SW DVD's:

-in ROTJ, when Luke takes Darth Vaders mask off, why did they take Vaders eye brows out?...maybe that imply's something for episode III.

-in ESB, I like that they redid palpatine, but why does he look even older than in ROTJ?

-Why did they put Gungans in the DVD's?
1) Supposedly this will be explained in Episode III. Right now people are speculating that Anakin's eyebrows are "burned off." To me, it makes him look like a cancer patient (chemotherapy makes your hair fall out). But even then you'd think it would grow back.

We'll see...

2) Because the actor is physically older now than he was in 1983. I don't think he looks too bad, and after all, supposedly ESB takes place only 6 months to a year before ROTJ in the SW timeline. Maybe he was just sick that day. ; )

3) Lucas inserted Naboo into the ending celebration of ROTJ because, due to the prequels, that planet has become quite prominent in the overall story (Palpatine and Padme's home planet, the catalyst for Palpy's rise to power and the beginning of the Clone Wars, etc). And since Gungans live on Naboo, it makes sense that we'd see one or two of 'em. The two cultures (the humans and the gungans) shunned each other in TPM, but by the end their relationship had thawed due to their being forced to help one another against the common foe, the Trade Federation. So apparently this relationship has been maintained for almost 40 years, so seeing Gungans in the capital city is not unheard of.

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