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((Red, the floorless skin thing is just part of the description, I don't want you thinking she has a mole or anything. As to being beautiful, I could have come up with an amazingly poetic Homeric similie in heroic heximeter, but I can't be bothered so just take it that she's a stunner, so gorgeous that any attempt to descibe her beauty makes you sound a blathering idiot.

As to why they're all so beautiful. There is a genuine reason that I'm working up to, for the moment all I'll say is that Lelan was a vampire (and only gorgeous in an everyday way) and all the others are Agamarian nobility. Plus bear in mind that technically I've only introduced three seperate females, as two of them are identical twins. Beyond that, why imagine ugly women.))

*Hal senses the arrival of the Drake through the force, he rises silently, his dark cloak rapped around him.*


Drago: Is Lord Vidar so pressed that he will not accept suplicants. We would have comunicated, had there been time, there was not. I know Halren Flax is here, he is looking for death and he will find it at your battle in less than nine days.

((OSS: That should get their attention. *crosses everything.*))

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