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Originally posted by ZBomber
I beg to differ, I was standing in front of rebel soliders in SP, IN CLEAR SIGHT, and they just stood there..... looking at me..... So, eventually I shot one of them, they looked around..... I shot again, and they finally saw that I was standing right in front of them.


Money - yay? Dunno why everyone is baggin on Lucas. These ARE his movies, I think that gives him the right to do what he wants with them.
With the lag and bugginess of MP (so far) and lack of a console for options and administration I'd say that even MP isn't good (yet).

So far the only fun I've had playing this game has been in "Instant Action" mode.

However, I was somewhat disappointed that the "Gungan Theater Shields" were missing from the Instant Action/MP version of that Naboo map.

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