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Originally posted by tea-cosy
I agree that an X-wing would be good on Hoth.

Do you know what happens if you join or host a game in multiplayer whilst you have an edited file?
I'd imagine you'd get some kind of out of synch error and crash out, though I haven't tried it.

first off are there any build tools for modelers to make new ships?
I believe some people have started this already using 3D Studio Max, which can export files that can be used in most games to date.

Very nice work Subsonic, getting the xwing is a great jump from being vehicle limited by faction/map, im assuming you adjusted the mission.lvl to make this happen.

If I make the maps bigger and change the floor textures , you could add trees and other Props_ & Bldg_ tiles and we could get a pre editor map going for users. Maybe a while to get other skybox added since Ive discovered the images are in binary in the actual files themselves, the editor used to make swb is very unique in the way that binary images are hard coded into the editor/game engine, there wont be any dir/folder uncompressing like in bf42 & bfv. If you check the hex in mission.lvl and common.lvl underneath the actual calls to variables on units and players and such there are actual binary images hard coded in...(tells me that swb will be releasing some PAY addons in the near future.
Thanks, although I believe the vehicles are still restricted to factions present on the map (yes, I edited xwing into the mission.lvl under hoth, after it calls SIDE/all.lvl. More details when I release the patch). This sounds good, so far I haven't looked at level textures and some first attempts at expanding the map size restrictions ended in crash to desktop. I also need to figure out how and where the co-ordinates for vehicle spawns are stored so I can get changing those.

Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but so far I've tried to keep the exact size of all the files the same - I think changing the size of the files may be responsible for bldg_ and such going missing (if other files are calling specific bytes from the files and those bytes have moved). The results seem good so far, but if it's the case that the files have to stay the same size to prevent these bugs it's really going to limit the changes we can make until we get some tools to recompile the .lvl files properly.

On the bright side, I'm pretty happy with the way my modified hoth map is playing (though there are some bugs), so I looked into my idea of making a patch to send out, which should be available in an hour or so.

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