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I'm surprised that so many people think the CIS are the worst.

Here's how I see it stacking up:

Assault: Pretty much all the same, except for SBD, which I think is a great unit and is better than the rest.

Heavy Weapons: Pretty much all the same. Rebs get the 2 shot advantage, though.

Pilot (on foot): CIS/Empire- sucks. Rebs- Gun good in some situations, bad in others, I don't like it. Clones: Haven't experimented with the gun enough to judge.

Sniper- Rebs/ Droids have the extra zoom, which IMO is the only thing that makes snipers even remotely useful in this game.

Wookiee smuggler- Don't like it. Time bomb has limited uses, slow weapons, big ugly wookiee makes good target.

Jet Trooper- haven't played a whole lot, but seems pretty good, despite slow primary weapon.

Dark Trooper- Sucks. Sucks I hate it. It sucks.

Droideka- only special unit I actually am ever inclined to use. Has strengths and weaknesses, fun to use, not as easy as it looks.

Overall, I'd say it's pretty balanced, and I don't see what sucks about CIS. If it all comes down to Special unit, as some say, then I say Empire loses hands down.

Dark trooper sucks.

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