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I have to admit that they both have there strengths and weaknesses.

GCW: good - The flying ships in my opinion are way better. More power. at least the flying ones. umm im more familiar with these battles because ive seen the old moveis and havent seen all of the new ones. (the new moveis seem kinda boaring. To much of a romance theme going).
GCW: bad - The jetpack dude takes for ever to reload compared to clone wars.
They need more variety of vehicles. Too many AT-AT and AT-ST. The snowspeeder seems to have extremely week laser guns.

Clone Wars: good - The weapons for the actual people (not the flying ones) seam more powerful. The jetpack recharges faster. Geonosis is bad 4$$. More choice of vehicles/flying stuff.
Clone Wars: bad - The ships weapons seem so weak. The CIS (robot clones) seam way weak. Pacifcly the sniper and pilot. You can't fight in such battles as hoth and endor.

Natives - I want this ability
I want to be an ewok and be like "ejowaka"


ewoks should rule the world along with tauntauns, and jawas.
Chewie for vise president

Gotsta love those fuzzies.

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