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Nice job & Tonights Updates..

I think I'll make a little more happen on the map before making a download/file update but for now I have the entire hoth map (mapped) and plotted with all spawn points in the engine, locations and images mapped etc..

In these latest update to Hoth (which I have selected for modding 1st as its easiest to see the whole map etc.. for editing purposes.)

Tonights update was all vehicles, I was able to make hoth into a vehicle testing ground , although its not historical as there are faction crossing (mixed)vehicles the map is very balanced and about 80% more interesting as now there are usually 4-8 more objects flying around, firing, causing chaos! after much test play Ive balanced the map with Y-wing for both rebel and Imperial troopers & Imperial Tie Fighters for both as well. The Snow speeders are removed and replaced with Taun Taun.

There were tiebombers, ywing, xwing, tiefighters, and a few other nice tricks in tonights tests. Adjusted some sounds and made changes to the muzzle size on some weapons, at one point I had atat muzzle fire coming from pistols , LOL!

Here is a first glimpse at the Imperial TieFighter and The rebel Y-Wing in Hoth. Both Factions are using/spawning these ships.

Removal of At-St Snow Spawn and replaced with Y-Wing and Imperial TieFIghter Spawns. The bombing of At-Ats can be a real treat.

Clear the Base, TieFighters Closing fast...

A fun Ai Battle in Kash. Removed everything except unit spawn points (command points). and went berserk. After learning about HOTSPOTS in the maps/game, its alot of fun to see every single unit run to the same spot. The points drop real quick. (good target practice)

Checking out more ships...I...think... there on our side, LOL!

Here I couldnt decide which Atat to let my puny lasers blast, its still fun wizzing around them in a vehicle that would never be seen in hoth.

Here I was able to spawn the birds (the red things flying around) , but this time they were in Endor!

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