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Sub, In mission.lvl under hot1 ,Ive replaced the imp_atst _Snow with imp_fly_tiefighters and replaced all_fly_snowspeeeders with all_fly_ywing. The sounds are done the same way as drawing buildings. im testing out this evening making a whole new sound file , i.e. copy pasting other map sounds binary into the hoth sounds file replacing sounds from units I remove. You could even make a new sound file and simply reference it in mission.lvl load area for hot1.

Top priority list:
map enlarging (engine uses x,y,h,w)
Moving spawns, building and props to new map locations
floor tile and skybox swapping, ideally total floor and sky convert
altering (without glitch) the speed, and power of vehicles
altering (without glitch) the speed, and abilites of units & weaps
Sounds to match all updates
Refacing of buildings, props i.e. give a taun taun face to luke etc..
Making new binaries within files to allow for total conversion of current vehicles, and units.

I think we can muster up a generic editor based on LA editor but we need to go head on into replacing/testing the binaries for images/sounds in each file. They are added in the beginning of files, drawn in the middle and told where each piece of each vehicle, building or unit should go (assembled) at the bottom just below the drawing area. If we test out copy pasting chunks of say a spider leg and paste it on say lanother vehicles leg, well know right away how accessable the image swapping, editing will be

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