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((let's not clog the RPG with these OCC, when there is a discussion thread that they can go in.))

*Ragnar stops and turns around*

Ragnar: You never asked that Drago. Now this is how it will work. First, off you all will ride on top of the transport. IF you want that bring that crate you have to carry it and put it on top as well.

If you do bring that crate It will be dropped off where we will go through it's contents. Anything found unacceptable will be disposed of. After inspection you will be allowed to retrieve it.

If and when you meet with my lord you will do so completly unarmed. Failure in this regards will result in her and your men's immeidate execution. Your weapons will be given over to a guard and will be returned somepont after the meeting.

Finally, you have one minute to get on the transport. Anyone not on gets left behind.

*The Drake continues to descend upon the camp*

Heimdall to Matt, and Sir Vin: Go back to sleep.

*Heimdall walks over to Raschel and Orthos*

Heimdall: Pointless to draw your blade, if he wanted us dead there is little any of us could do. Consider yourselves relieved of your watch, try and get some sleep.

*The Drake lands in front of Heimdall, Orthos and Raschel. It folds it's wings along side it's large body and then speaks to Heimdall in an alien tongue (to the group that is).

Heimdall answers in the same language*

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."

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