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Originally posted by Micahc
I voted that they are all balenced mostly because they are!
I don't get why every one says that the darktroopers are horrible, you just have to know how to use them. Yes in most cases their gun is total crud because you cant kill from distances like you can with the sniper or ordanary blaster; but thats why God created jetpacks! If you can get in close with a darktrooper its a one shot KO.
I agree about the Darktrooper being a usefull class. Even if there firepower isn't that strong, does it have to? The DT is highly mobile and capping control points is his forte. if you want firepower, pick the standard soldier or heavy damage.

Originally posted by Micahc
Same with the Destroyer Droid. If you get in close to an Arc Trooper the blast radius will kill him to and only deplete your shield.
note: this requires a very stupid Arc trooper or only happens in accidents. Both are too rare in the game to have a real advantage.

Originally posted by Micahc
The Clone Troopers don't have much against you so the only things to watch out for are Jet Troopers and Vehicles.
Agreed, but the point is that usually about half or more of the clone team consists of jettroopers, causing the droideka useless most of the time (as far as I have experienced).

Belly-button lasers! I've seen them!

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