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Originally posted by Stingray
I agree about the Darktrooper being a usefull class. Even if there firepower isn't that strong, does it have to? The DT is highly mobile and capping control points is his forte. if you want firepower, pick the standard soldier or heavy damage.

note: this requires a very stupid Arc trooper or only happens in accidents. Both are too rare in the game to have a real advantage.

Agreed, but the point is that usually about half or more of the clone team consists of jettroopers, causing the droideka useless most of the time (as far as I have experienced).[/B] [/B]
Curses and intelligent reply. How often does that happen? At least some one agrees with me about Darktroopers, if you want to peg someone safely PICK A SNIPER dark troopers are close range anti-infantry. And if you read the discription about his gun it says "The single most brutal CLOSE-RANGE anit-infantry weapon" so that being said you have to get in close to your oponent hence THE JET PACK! Wow what a concept!
And about the Destroyer Droid Stingray was right but if there is an abundance of jet troopers choose a unit that you can beat them with. Correct me if I'm wrong but try to choose there weaness first before you get all angry, and if you did go for single player until the abundance of Jet Troopers drops down
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