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No, I'm giving them NOTHING. I'm sorry, but like alsmost every other aspect of north american society, we're being asked to expect less and less from the companies which produce these games. The game-buying public has been encouraged to accept half-assed, half-finsished games for far too long now, with the idea that eventually the developer will finish the thing, and make it a decent title. And what's worse is that we're now apparently thinking of it as the way games should be done. That's a huge, steaming load of crap, and I'm fed up with it. If a film is released, it's RELEASED. It's not ****ed around with ad nauseum in an attempt to turn it into something decent at a later date (barring the current LFL insanity, obviously....yikes). You don't buy a car with the expectation that it has only half an engine, and no brake lights, but GM will add them sometime down the road with a patch. Patches are SUPPOSED to be to FIX BUGS and balance issues that escape detection during testing. They are NOT supposed to be half the games' promised features and function. Somewhere along the line companies got convinced that the release date was more important than the quality of a title, which is pure, unadulterated bull****. Look at the games from LEC's "golden age", which they're so desperately trying to recapture now, after a dismal decade of crappy games. Every last title was late. ALWAYS. Games were always released "When it's Done", and not before. yes there were occasional patches, but they were to fix issues that came to light after release, and a few months of people playing them to death because they were SO GOOD. And these were games built from the ground up, on proprietary engines. Nothing existed, and no one had experience with what the engine could do, and what its' weaknesses were. Now, using mostly liscenced engines, the games are released less complete, less compelling, and buggier. Most of their titles are on time now, but they are poor, pale shadows of the companys' best work.
It IS unfair to lay this ONLY on LEC, as it's almost the whole industry which is following this model, now that the potential profitability of console and computer games has been realized by corporate structures; so don't think I lay it only at their door. But this is the game we're talking about, and this IS a company trying desperately to reinvent itself right now.
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