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Originally posted by Stingray
So you immidiately assume that we you think is true? Isn't that a bit naive?

I have no reason to find the CIS inpopular because how the talk or how they look. Nor have I preference for any faction because of it's 'coolness'.
And you assume that what you think is true?
From the other posts, you can see that there is a strange dislike of the robotic army in general.

Originally posted by Stingray
Sure there are ppl choosing a faction because they find em cool, but that goes for all factions so the votes balance eachother out.
It does not goes for all of them. Let's say 20% of the voters like the Rebels, 30% likes the Empire, 40% likes the Republic and only 10% likes the CIS, how can the votes be balanced out?

Also, from older polls pre-release, the CIS got the least votes when the question was:"What civ are you going to like best?" -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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