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Play Darth Vador in Hoth... 3 more vehicles...and 2 classes removed

Although I'm not releasing this in any downloadable mod , today I was experiement/testing limits of map units on hoth from all other maps here are some results.

I've also added the hover_ entity to allow for other vehicles types such as hover speederbikes from endor and other hover vehicles. This is now a Very vehicle heavy mod. I removed everything but 1st class and 3rd class units for each faction side, its making the game longer without ticket altering which is just what i wanted. Snipers and Troopers are it no rockets/pilot class.

Jedi for Singleplayer (Mp servers can alter files and run this but it will be the downfall for that server and most likely the playablility in general).

Hopefully the jedi class wont be appearing on (m)any mods, but im sure it will abused , its fun and all but you can rarely(if ever) die and 20% of the AI chooses Jedi so you'll have a gaggle of Darths from the get go. Im working on Luke so each side has a jedi as well. For balance , I may alter the jedi to be lower hitpoints/weap damage to make them a playable class that wont totally ruin the game.

On the map also I have placed ships from the enemy on each side, if players get there quick , they can use them , if not they auto explode in 10 seconds, as the base is not faction owned.

Darth goes killing....

Player select featuring Darth and his saber of light...

Kill them all....

Darth goes Taun Taun Strolling...this jedi aint walkin!
Ah the smell of sweaty taun taun after killing half the map...

Entering the Tiefighter with dark jedi. He shall feel at home.

Another brave Rebel bites the dust...they just dont make em like they used to.

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