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((BD: Just another assumption that they complied and removed the crate and opened it. IF you want to specify wants in the crate feel free.))

*The transport continues off still giving a rough ride to the passangers on top. After another twenty minutes it comes ot a jarring halt. The rear door opens showing that there was plenty of room for Drago, Allessa and their two guards.

The Beserks march from the transport, rifles slung over their shoulders. round a snow mound and disappear from sight.

Ragnar takes Drago, Allessa and the guards along a well trodden path to a hidden entrance. They enter a building and go down a number of corridors, finally coming to a door with a table next to it.*

Raganar: Leave all your weapons on the table. When your done, go through that door, Lord Vidar is there. You have ten minutes.

*In the room Vidar and Viddall were talking waiting for Drago's party to come in*

*Four hours had passed, the drake leaving at some point during those that time. Heimdall woke Idona first before moving to wake Svafa. Idona meanwhile went through her pack pulling out climbing gear. By the time the rest of the group was awakened Idona was already half way up the cliff, with Svafa close behind.*

Heimdall: In your packs you will all find saftey harnesses, and other clmbing gear. Idona and Svafa are laying out lines for us to follow. Idun, Gerd, and I will go next. The rest of you follow in what ever order you want. Try and keep noise to a minium.

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