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Aye AT-AT sorry. I will get a screenshot up after I get my new computer. (my old one is the one with photoshop and that computer aint working atm) I made it the first time, failed the second and made it the third.

I was however dumb enough to try flying through an AT-ST's legs as well :P.

OK again only bots but my kill record now stands at 187, again on the dune sea by concentrating on killing the sand people rather than the enemy.

Another moment, playing on hoth with a freind, needed to take out the AT-AT's, we were both in seperate speeders. Didn't have a bot gunner, couldn't be bothered stuffing around trying to rope it as I wasnt used to the xbox controller, said as much to my freind, he said "why dont we just blast it", "I said nah that will take ages". I said that while swooping down strafing the AT-AT just for good measure. 2 seconds after I said that the AT-AT blew up from my straffing, I hadnt realised it had taken so much damage and was ready to blow, just marvelous timing.

As far as I know you can run over anyone (on foot) in any walker. I've stomped a few bots in my time, just this morning a dark trooper jumped into my path and was made ready for recycling by my at-at. Usually they are pretty good at avoiding the feet though.

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