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Lightbulb Awards Question + Suggestion

Another thread about weapons got me thinking about this. Specifically how people do not like to use rocketeers due to the fact of low kill counts. Even though taking out 1 rebel combat speeder could be worth 50 of your teams lives. It still only shows up as 1 or 2 kills and puts you at a disadvantage towards infantry compared to assault classes.

So my question. How many people actually click on the awards summary tab at a map's completion? How many click done instantly to hurry up and start killing again (or angrily watch a join counter tick away)?

My suggestion. Put icons for each award on the main summary page and possibly track vehicle kills on this page as well.

This would give me a lot more satisfaction at only getting 10 kills if I knew that I was the tank buster. It might make others use classes that benefit the team more than their own kill counts.

I'm not suggesting this for my vanity (though I won't complain), I use the rocketeers 25-50% of the time. It is for those who won't sacrifice some kills to win a map.
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