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Exclamation Chance Of A Lifetime!!!!!

so i need to get my model, a werewolf, skinned but i cant do it myself cuz im just plain out a crappy skinner so thats why i have put on a website with the skin textures, your mission is to skin, if u like and than post the results here, i will add them to the model and see how they look! now youz all wondering , whats in it for me??? and why the hell is this thread named chance of a lifetime??????? well go to this site and everything will become clear 2 you! and for the ones who think that site isnt even worth theyre time the prize is: I model anything you want!
if u want me to model a giant fish to play with in jka will do! in other words for this one tim i dont care if other ppl will use it too or not ill just model it! just think of it that ill be your personal modeller for once!!! aint that sniffy?
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