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Is there a way to make clothes with an armor rating without being actual armor? I want to make a clothes set that has a nice defence but does not restrict a dex bonus and will allow force powers.

Also, I'd like to see an easy way to make new feats. Turning people into Tachs is fun and all, but I want so new FEATS. Instead of two weapon fighting or dueling, how about two weapon dueling?! I also want a mod that makes a cyborg-like PC... I mean that the programming will recognise the pc as a droid. I like implants and would like some droid upgrades for my PC. I know that an armband has been made for the flamethrower, that's kind of what I mean. Imagine how money your Scoundrel would be with come computer probes.

Is there a way to make room for more implants/upgrades? I can grab some modded versions that are powerful, but I want to see more slots. That would be sweet!

The upgradeble head gear that was made a while back was cool. I was going to ask for that, but I saw it just now. I'd give credit, but forgot who's it is.

This sounds silly, but how about a space suit you can wear all the time. Wasting sand people with a sonic emitter would be interesting.

Lastly, I think this is doable... A lightsaber with a double blade hilt with only one blade that functions like a single bladed light saber. The blade would be longer like Malak's. It should be more powerful than a regular saber and upgradable. It should be upgradable with more crystal slots if possible. A custom color of orange would be cool.

Thanx for the cool stuff. If I had a bigger\better computer, I'd have room and graphics to do it myself, besides, you like a challenge.

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