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Please help: Problem with possible password protection

I am running a rent-a-server with password protection. Here is my current command line:

/win /norender /autonet dedicated /nosound /sideselect /gamename ghostlegionserver /password foogurt /playerlimit 12 /bots 5 /playercount 0 /throttle 3072 bes1a bes2a end1a hot1i kas1i kas2i nab1i nab2a rhn1i rhn2a tat1i tat2i yav1i yav2i

I had problems originally using the server as it would give a "Could not join session" after a 14 sec timeout. Then a couple of hours later it started working and now this evening when I tried to connect same thing. I start and stop a few times no luck. Anyone come across this? Also I noticed that the map rotation is back to bes1a. Could the first map be freezing the server?

Thanks for any insight.

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