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You obviously have no idea what a flame is. It is not flaming to say "This needed to be done", "This is incomplete". Battlefront COULD be a good game. It has real potential. Which, as I've pointed out before, is part of what's so agravating about it. It has solid mechanics, decent balance, and absolutely NOTHING which would keep you playing longer than a couple of days. There is NO variety in play, there is no strategy involved, the AI is weak and occasionaly inexplicable. It's generally assumed there will be patches and fan mods to address this all (oh, wait, except if you're a console gamer, then, sorry, no soup for you). The point is THERE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE. This is the skeleton for a good game, and not enough meat on its bones. Why on earth do people insist on seeing this premature ejactulation of a title as acceptable, if sometime the devs may make it right...maybe...partially...for one out of three platforms...
Incidentally, all of the games you mention from LEC arachon are from during some of their darkest years, of a dark decade, and they make my argument for me. These are games rushed out the door, sacrificing playability for release dates.
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