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Originally posted by UrchSr
Is there a way to make clothes with an armor rating without being actual armor? I want to make a clothes set that has a nice defence but does not restrict a dex bonus and will allow force powers.
You can do this easily with KOTOR Tool, or if you aren't familiar with the program than I have done this in my Bastila's Clothes for Female Pc's or my Jolee's Clothes For Male PC's, that mod includes upgradeable armored clothing, just copy the g3_a_clothes01.uti file into your override and cheat for them in game.
Originally posted by UrchSr
Also, I'd like to see an easy way to make new feats. Turning people into Tachs is fun and all, but I want so new FEATS. Instead of two weapon fighting or dueling, how about two weapon dueling?!
I don't rightly know if totally new feats are possible, I don't think anyone has tried that yet, but I could be wrong. Hmm... Two-Weapon Dueling... I like it!
Originally posted by UrchSr
I also want a mod that makes a cyborg-like PC... I mean that the programming will recognise the pc as a droid. I like implants and would like some droid upgrades for my PC. I know that an armband has been made for the flamethrower, that's kind of what I mean. Imagine how money your Scoundrel would be with come computer probes.

Is there a way to make room for more implants/upgrades? I can grab some modded versions that are powerful, but I want to see more slots. That would be sweet!
Sadly, I believe the number of slots to put things on our characters is hardcoded and cannot be changed, also droid ugrades only can be used by Droids, and there are already cyborgs in KOTOR, Canderous for exaple is a cyborg, it is noted when he joins the party.

Though you could make an implant and gloves that have the stats of a computer probe, and a headgear with Droid Sensor porperties, so your PC could wear them, that might work.
Originally posted by UrchSr
This sounds silly, but how about a space suit you can wear all the time. Wasting sand people with a sonic emitter would be interesting.
I think the sonic emitter only works on the water levels, but I could be wrong on that one. As far as wearing the space suit that can easily be done by crating an armor with the Space Suit discuise property, though you might go slow while wearing it. If you want I could make one and put it up on pcgamemods for download?
Originally posted by UrchSr
Lastly, I think this is doable... A lightsaber with a double blade hilt with only one blade that functions like a single bladed light saber. The blade would be longer like Malak's. It should be more powerful than a regular saber and upgradable. It should be upgradable with more crystal slots if possible. A custom color of orange would be cool.
This one cannot be done at this time, we cannot make models with animations for KOTOR yet, lightsabers have animations (The blade extending and retracting), people have been able to alter models in small ways but removing a blade would be probably out of the question at this time. Also the number of upgrades for items are also hardcoded and, like the items you wear, cannot be changed.

I hope this helps!

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