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Originally posted by RedHawke
I don't rightly know if totally new feats are possible, I don't think anyone has tried that yet, but I could be wrong. Hmm... Two-Weapon Dueling... I like it!
You are completely right: it doesn't seem posible. A few people have tried but couldn't find a way to put the feats back into the game
The best you can do is to change the animations of existing feats by using other existing animations. It is pretty easy to do (.2da editing) and you can check this thread:

Sadly, I believe the number of slots to put things on our characters is hardcoded and cannot be changed, also droid ugrades only can be used by Droids...
I haven't tried and I could be wrong but I think this is possible by editing baseitems.2da: there is a column called droidorhuman. 1 is for human and 2 for droids. I think 0 is for both

Originally posted by UrchSr
Wasting sand people with a sonic emitter would be interesting.
It is possible It works exactly like a force power. check row 68 in spells.2da and the k_pman_sonic.nss script. If you want a new item, you only need to change the script. I could make this one during the weekend
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